Who Wants to Save Some Green?

Times are tough. The job market is dismal at best, and better prospects do not seem to be anywhere in the near future. This means that most everyone is looking for a way to save money. Most have cut corners so closely that they are now rounded. What if there was one more option? Would you take it?

One option that many do not consider is the use of solar panels as a form of electricity. Do not be frightened at the idea of going green. Most people, who use or switch to solar panels for power do it purely… Continue reading

Biking and scootering

I started to do some biking 3 weeks ago. I don’t do it everyday but at least once a week. I combine activities like 2 times swimming and walking on the other available days of the week. It’s been a while I haven’t been biking and I’m glad I could still get my balance when driving the bike.


We have a small park nearby and I take the kids there so they can do some scootering. The boys loved it as it is an open space and I’m glad that the teenagers are over the fenced park exclusively for adult… Continue reading

Summer party

It’s been a full Summer in our place for we received lots of party invitations. We also heard happy neighbors swimming in their backyard pools and turning on some party music. It’s nice to have attended to some of them. One of the unforgettable moments that the kids attended was a Mustache party. My bro in law took them and they needed to wear a fake mustache to get into the party. He sent us a picture of the kids with their mustache on and it was adorable. He said there was a DJ leading the party with loud music… Continue reading

Parade moments

It was the second time the kids were able to participate during the July 4th parade this year. I’m glad Iwas able to drag my husband along as he usually doesn’t want to show up in traffic times like this. There were lots of kids and people on the side of the road amused on the parade floats.


Most of the floats were Fire trucks from different county. It’s interesting to see different Fire man in suits. My kids like the full suited one as they never get to see one of those every day. They gave people and kids… Continue reading

Energy Saving Tips For Swimming Pool Owners

If you ask my husband about saving energy for the pool, you’re likely to get a complicated explanation about the ways to evaluate proper pool temperature. He loses me pretty quickly. Did I mention he’s an engineer? I tend to focus on simple and practical things we do that make our pool more energy efficient, so here’s my version of the story:

Be regular with maintenance. If your car is running roughly, one of the first things to check is the air filter, to see if it’s clogged. It’s pretty similar with the pool heating system – are the… Continue reading

Pretty Garden Flowers

Fewer flowers came back in our garden this year. My mom in law also told me that she saw very few flowers in her garden this year too. Our winter was very bad last year and it could be why that we have very little of them that came back.


My husband’s rose bush only had very little blooms in it. I was afraid that the branches were very dry brown in the Spring but in early Summer, there’s buds showing up after he pruned the dead branches. The clematis that I have in the backyard, on an arbor, had… Continue reading

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