Simply Free to be family and kids

My family and I had a very productive Lent to Easter journey this year. As for Lent, we enjoyed doing lots of art crafts indoors. We attended an Easter Latin mass this Sunday. We enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner at a restaurant, thanks to our friend who invited us to be his guests and for the generous offer.


How do you live a simply #Freetobe family life in your home? Do you let your kids be kids?

We may live in a small house but the household chores are nonstop. Thanks to my husband who always like to shop smart,… Continue reading

Donating my long hair

My husband said he will miss my long hair. I will miss it too but the bright side of it is that I’m donating it to Locks of Love. It won’t go to waste for sure.


After my abdominal surgery and having a new hairdo, I feel so young again. Looking back in the previous years, I remember I feel like a very old lady. I feel so sickly and I have on and off stiff necks. It was terrible. But now, I haven’t had those terrible feelings and sickness anymore. It must be because of the hormone imbalance as… Continue reading

Sweet Hubby

I want to thank my hubby for these sweet goodies he gave me last month for Valentines day. We already discussed that we will just keep it simple but he never fail to surprise me. I gave him some goodies too but his are more cool than mine.


I gave him a card and 3 types of sweet goodies too. I also encouraged my kids to make a card for their Daddy and pick something from the store that they want to give to their Daddy, Grandma and Uncle as a Valentine present. I forgot to take pictures but we… Continue reading

Advent wreath

I just realized that it will be one month after Christmas tomorrow. I still haven’t shared my Christmas moments with my family. I thought of sharing one of the decorations I did for our house, the Advent wreath.


Thought that you guys might be interested to make one too next Christmas. You have 1 year to prepare. Winks. I used artificial leaves and holly berries for this wreath. I was able to buy 3 purple and 1 pink candles to make it an official Christmas wreath. It was very symbolic to have one in our house. Every night, we light… Continue reading

3 Ways to Discover the Best Florist in Cherrybrook

Though every flower is grand, every flower is also diverse. Plants fluctuate in elegance based on how they are nurtured but how can you know what to look for in a florist? If you’re trying to find a reliable and trustworthy florist in the Cherrybrook area, the points below will help you make sure you are looking in the right direction to make the best choice for you.

1. Exceptional Customer Service

When you’re looking for a florist, search for a professional who will provide you with the attention you want and need. Precisely, go to a florist who will… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Daddy

My kids and I got busy in preparing something special for their Daddy’s birthday two days ago. I baked his favorite cake that afternoon. I have to squeeze in an hour in my Mom in law’s oven where my Brother in law was making a homemade stromboli that my hubby requested.


The kids actively helped me in creating this simple birthday banner for their Daddy. I also draw 3 silhouettes of the icons that my Hubby likes. I draw in three separate pages, a computer programmer man that has “I eat banner codes” in his head, a pianist playing a… Continue reading

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