Energy Efficient and Food Money Saving Tips for Home

I like to find ways and practice smart tips for our home energy use, grocery shopping and eating nutritious food. We may be living in our house for 6 years now (short for some people) but we learned quite a few! It’s never easy to run a household but the key to be successful in running it is to be determined in nailing smart tips!


So what are the smart tips? I have a few that we’re practicing at home. I read that the appliances that consumes lots of energy in a house are the refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer.… Continue reading

Tough Moon Flower

My husband gave me this pot of orchid this Valentines day. I remember this is the second Vday that he bought me an orchid. The first one didn’t last long but this one lasted over a month now. Yes, it’s a tough flower alright. It’s called, “Moon Flower”.


I asked him where he bought it and he said at Aldi’s. I didn’t ask the price but I’m guessing around $25. I always put 3 cubes of ice everyday and there were those days that there is too much water in it that I didn’t put any ice at all. I… Continue reading

Love to Play Guitar

My 4 year old and I are really enjoying playing his new guitar lately. I am glad he doesn’t hesitate to play it anymore. I think because he likes that it’s smaller in size compared to his Daddy’s guitar. I like to play it too because it’s light in weight and not bulky. It’s a Continue reading

Back to Driving

I am back to practicing how to drive these days. Since snow has mostly thawed to most places then I said to my husband, I want to practice driving. But one Sunday, the first day of Daylight Savings time, I was the one driving my family home around 6PM. It was a 2 hours drive. I was in a 4 lane high way. When I saw that the traffic light turned yellow I pressed my foot on the breaks.


The car behind me suddenly turned on his left and stopped on my left side as the traffic light turned red.… Continue reading

Powered Speaker for Guitar

Do you have a band gig? Have you heard about powered speakers? Powered speakers are very trendy these days especially to the digitally equipped musicians. It comes with sensors that detects what chord you’re plugging into it. Aside from the digital feature Continue reading

Filipino Comfort Food Craving

I take a look at my Philippine photos today and I suddenly felt craving for comfort food. I am so happy I was able to enjoy these food during my trip back to Philippines in January 2013. The yummy Ube flavor ice cream, the Kinason soup, Imbaw soup and cooking the Parrot fish as Escabetche dish took my tummy to heaven!


It’s so hard to get this flavor of ice cream in my place here in US. Other Filipinoes from the west coast can buy it but here in the East coast, it’s just difficult. When I bought it in… Continue reading

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