Birthday and wishes

I was able to talk to my Mom in the phone this week and I’m happy that she greeted me a happy birthday. I told her to send our birthday greetings to my Father who celebrated his birthday after my birthday. I also sent a youtube link on my little sister’s FB account for my Father to see. The song title was “Da Kokonut Nut”. I imagine how he laughs when he’s listening to it and I know it’s one of his favorite song. It’s one of those popular songs we have in Philippines. I wish doing a karaoke party… Continue reading

Electric guitar admirer

I did a research today about electric guitars. It’s interesting that this beautiful string instrument has prices that can go way up more than $1K dollars. I’ve seen electric guitars in live bands and music videos. I have been picky in choosing which songs I want to listen lately with rock bands as some of them are too noisy and gave me headaches. I felt curious and wanted to know, what are the best electric guitar brands out there. It’s a no surprise to me that I will find many brands but the most common ones being recommended  are… Continue reading

Converting Between Formats Simply

The first question arises in your mind is when do you intend to convert and for what purpose between different formats. Well the answer is quite simple as all you want is people to view your video overseas.


The standard for encoding of television is different from one to another. So if the video is recorded in the format of NTSC people of other countries would not be able to view it and they have to convert the video to another format. As far as digital video is concerned the story is the same. If the DVD supports only the… Continue reading

Pretty Clematis flowers

One of the fun trips we did as a family this Summer was to visit the Erie Zoo. I was in luck that I got to see this different variety of pretty clematis vines while we’re there. I’m surprised that it has other different colors!


I have one at home which has the same color of the deep purple variety below. I just love these flowers. The petal texture feels like it’s made of felt. I personally love the pink variety like the one above.


Continue reading

Tips to save heat and energy for the home

Thank you Direct Energy for helping me learn how to make my home more energy efficient.

Everybody is gearing up their home for the cold weather. In our place here in PA, it can really get colder in the Fall. We normally set our thermostat between 65 to 70 F. But unfortunately, our baseboard heaters are not working at the moment. My husband just told me that someone is going to either show up today or tomorrow to check our boiler in the basement.

electric radiator

Yes. It’s a bad sign but I’m glad we have an alternative heating for the mean… Continue reading

Making Veggienoodles

As I was looking for ways to make vegetables as an attractive food for kids to eat more, I was glad to make a purchase of this veggietable spiralizer after eyeing on it for a long time in Amazon. It was smaller than I thought, but it worked pretty well in turning zucchini,  carrots, squash and cucumber into noodles.


My kids got a chance to play with it too. They are really amazed that the vegetables turned into spiral noodles. They even can’t wait to eat after I cooked it sauteed in a pan with onions and ground turkey.… Continue reading

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