Home finance and housing program

Many homeowners and first-time buyers might not be aware of some programs that are available for refinancing mortgages or applying for affordable new home loans. Financial institutions that lend money launch extensive marketing campaigns to educate consumers about the latest trends in the housing market. For example, there is a focus on emphasizing government Continue reading

NC and auto insurance

In my readings lately, it’s interesting to know that North Carolina has the lowest car insurance rate in the States. I haven’t been to North Carolina but I heard that the Appalachian mountains in the area are very beautiful. I can only imagine that their roads there are probably more hilly than Continue reading

Prep for Hot weather days

I have a friend who recently moved to a hot weather state and it’s interesting to know that it can seriously harm the one person’s health. She shared her experiences on how to be ready in extreme hot weather days. One should prepare a list of free, near places to go for cool air or air condition. This could be the public library, theater, store, mall and etc. Avoid using stove and ovens during hot days strikes as it can produce more heat indoors. Check your air conditioner if it’s working properly or if Continue reading

Busy doing Homework

Last night, my boys are busy doing homework. My oldest son doesn’t do this more often. He is new to the subject of Geography. I introduce to him the simple basic concepts of what a World map, a Globe and a Compass rose looks like.

Studying Geography

Just like his Dad, he is so interested of the Map and the Globe. He asks lots of questions like why the globe looks different like it’s somewhat slanting. I’m glad I did my research ahead and I was able to tell him why. Somehow, it amazed me how a Kindergarten or 5 year old… Continue reading

Popular hardware products and Aluminum alloy product

Hardware manufacturers have partnerships with research and development teams that specialize in materials science. Companies that primarily use metal for manufacturing must find high-quality materials that are also affordable. There is a never-ending effort to find the perfect balance between quality and price in the metal industry. Fortunately, innovations in materials science have led to the development of metal alloys that are relatively inexpensive to extract, process and mass produce.

Steel is perhaps the most sought after alloy. However, raw iron and carbon are somewhat expensive to purchase for hardware manufacturers. Additionally, there is a complex process that fuses iron… Continue reading

First Dental Checkup

I had a tooth filling done a week ago. My dentist was really nice and he did it very quick with less pain. I asked him what age should kids get their first dental checkup and he said it should start when they are 3 years old. I immediately got my 2 boys signed up and they were scheduled 4 days after.


He said it’s important to do that before the school year starts. I homeschool both of them and one of the requirements that our state asks before our kids to be registered (at a compulsory age) in our… Continue reading

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