Menu Plan Monday #2

My first entry to Menu plan Monday last week did not work quite as what I have planned. We ended up going out from our house for dinner twice last Tuesday and Thursday because we went to our Right side brain drawing class in those nights. We went to Wendys and I ordered five chicken nuggets, 1 small french fries, and 1 small choco-latte. My husband ordered 1 hamburger, 1 small box of ceasar salad, 1 small choco-latte and 1 small french fries. Our total was around $19 for both of us. Last Thursday, we went to Honest John’s pizzeria. And last Saturday and Sunday, we went to his Mom’s place to eat dinner. Yay, that ended up two days that I was the one preparing dinner in our house. For this week, I will work on making dinner in our own home as many days as possible. I miss my home made cooking.

Monday: Taco’s with beef and salad

Tuesday: Soup kitchen volunteer night (we always do it every Tuesday of the month)

Wednesday: Eat at Mother-in-law’s house (as I am going to have a knitting class night)

Thursday: I want my home made meat loaf (!) and mashed potatoes with seasonings

Friday: Stir-fry shrimp with veggies, white rice for me and brown rice for hubby

Saturday: Eat at Mother-in-law’s house (I might bring something there but probably dessert like a pumpkin cake)

Sunday: Chicken Adobo with hot rice (white and brown), string beans and chocolate pudding

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