Shopping for maternity stuff

I got busy the other day of buying new sets of my intimate clothing. The reason is that I still feel and look big. Felt tightening of my breast because I am producing more milk for breast feeding and the old maternity intimates I got were getting too small for me to wear. And so my husband and I went to the nearby mall here in downtown Syracuse. My husband had some troubles going with me in the intimate section before but I am glad this time he went with me. I am amazed of the new intimate clothing these days. There are the ones that has laces, bright colors and even designs that are camo panties which is quite a sporty military design. So much for these fashionable designs, I chose the ones that are simple and I bought the ones that has adjustable hooks that opens in the front of the bra for easy breastfeeding. Anyhow, here are some pictures of the maternity stuff I got at Motherhood maternity store inside the Carousel mall in Syracuse. They were on sale from $24.99 to $19.99 and I got two of them.

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  • Adil says:

    It sort of depends on your bra size now I suoppse. My first pregnancy I actually wore mostly sports bras as they gave me the most support as I had a lot of tenderness. I grew the most in the first trimester and then again when my milk came in. Since you still have quite a ways to go you could go either way. You may want to buy just one or two regular bras in the size you are right now as there will be a transitioning preiod to get back to your regular size anyway (if you make it back to your original- good luck!) or if you really would rather buy nursing bras you may want to buy them a band size up (you can sinch them in to the smallest links) and a cup size up.

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