Asian Goodies, Hello Kitty, Pink Fridays and Pink Saturdays

I thought I would also share here the Asian goodies that I bought when we went to Syracuse, NY. We saw a Korean store and I thought I won’t find something that I would like to shop there as I don’t know any Korean food that I’d like to eat. But when I went in, I found and bought these set of Hello Kitty marshmallows and sticks, and a few more others. I will share the ones with pink. Both marshmallows has round shape in it which is unusual. My appetite is growing and I kept on eating that there’s nothing left of the marshmallows. A few more of those sticks and dips are still in my cabinet. Must savor the flavor. 😀  Me and my sweet tooth, again. They also have those pucca wafers that has strawberry filling and that soft round rice ball stuff that has mung bean filling in it. They all taste so good!

pink hello kitty food

Pink Hello Kitty goodies

Sharing Pink goodies to Pink Fridays and Pink Saturdays.


Pink Saturdays

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