Our Car Insurance Saved Us

Many times I was asked by my friends how was our life transition after our car accident 2 years ago. I told them we are doing ok now and that our accident seemed like it’s still fresh as we are now very careful in our driving. I also told them to really take a serious act on researching what auto insurance they should apply like car insurance uk because every auto insurance company has their different coverage limits. In our car accident situation, my husband was the one at fault and the car of the other driver got totaled. The lawyer of the other driver, sent us a summon to court, but our car insurance was able to cover a new car, same model, for that driver as his car was a 2001 Ford Focus. The other driver seemed to calm down after that and thank God our car insurance saved us at that moment that things almost messed up. Though there is an increase in our car insurance bill, it still serves us right to pay it. It costs thousands of dollars but I’m glad we are all alive and that the other driver is also alive and that he didn’t have any passengers compared to us that there were 3 of us riding in one car.

Other car insurance benefits that you should consider getting these days is that they could cover car rental services for you. In our situation, we have to pay a separate amount for the car rental during those days that our car was fixed in the garage for almost 2 months. My husband thought that my mother in law’s car would be available for him but their car needed some fixations too so, it was not always available and hitching a ride to our friends is also difficult. Also consider looking for guaranteed repairs coverage so that you will only need to pay little amount of deductible.

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