Ears, Skin and Joints


Your dog relies heavily on their sense of sound and thus it is incredibly important that their ears are kept clean.

CleanAural is a specially formulated solution for the cleaning and maintenance of your pet’s ears. As a bonus, it is PH neutral so is safe to use with antibiotics. It works by softening and dissolving the wax build up that causes infection, so is suitable for preventative use as well as treatment of the infection.



Dogs have a lot of fur, and sometimes that can cause them to sweat a lot more than normal. And this fur can have a habit of trapping the sweat on the skin. As a result, bacteria tend to grow much sooner than it would on human skin. And because dogs wash a lot less it can be hard to get read of the bacteria once they are there. You may also find that your dog gets incredibly dry skin. If your dog has dry skin, washing it frequently will not help. In fact, it may even dry out the skin even more, as the essential oils that your dog’s skin is lacking are being further washed away. Instead, why not try such products as Malaseb dog shampoo? This shampoo is fantastic as it is formulated to treat skin complaints quickly and effectively. It is especially effective in treating bacteria or yeast based infections.


Dogs are incredibly active creatures, as I’m sure you are aware. They love nothing more than to run around, jump about and explore. In fact, evolution made their bodies the way they are for exactly this purpose, so imagine how joint complaints would affect the mood and enthusiasm of your pet.

If your do is suffering from joint pains or joint damage, it is imperative that you act quickly to alleviate the pain and heal the damage. Metacam is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is especially formulated to treat arthritis and other joint inflammations and pains. Because it is non-steroidal it is incredibly safe and can be used on both cats and dogs.

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