Probar Meal Bars Review & Cocoa Pistachio Sweet & Savory Bars Giveaway (US)

Snack bars are sometimes called as the stomach’s life savers. Whether you go to work, school, sport or travel, it is always handy to bring some snack bars to keep you going on your long hours of hard work and energy. I remember I ate my first snack bar during one of our travels, I didn’t finish eating it because it tastes like it’s coated with vitamin syrup or something that might be a strong preservative in it. But when I got to taste samples of this Probar Meal bars recently, it calls me to eat snack bars again as it doesn’t taste chemicals or preservatives added into it. It is 100 percent Vegan and all Organic.


I got assorted flavors of the Original Collection and the Sweet & Savory Meal Bars. Thanks Probar!

This meal bars are made to satisfy your tummy so that you won’t crave more food to eat. It is indeed a great news to those dieters out there! I was concerned about their aim that this bars are low in protein, but when I read that High protein when used as the body’s first source of energy, it releases toxic stuff in our body such as ammonia and urea. Yuck! We don’t want that to mix in our blood circulation!


Probar also produce Halo and Fruition bars.

What amazed me while eating the meal bars is that it is generously packed with chunky nuts, oats, seeds and gluten free chocolate in it. I also like that each of these bars has 15 whole foods in it where it’s all blended together in one bar and not cooked. They said it is 70 percent raw, and that when one will get to eat it, they will receive lots of nutrients in their body compared to bars that has undergone processing where nutrients are mostly destroyed.  Of all 12 original flavors and 4 new sweet & savory meal bar flavors, I love eating the Cocoa Pistachio flavor the most! I love the chunky pistachio nuts in it (my favorite)!

Check out their Facebook Page here, like them & know more inspiring stories of dieters, athletes and other people who loves eating Probar.

I am so excited to host a giveaway for you guys!

Welcome to A Box of 12 Cocoa Pistachio Sweet & Savory Bars US Giveaway
Hosted by Love Home Grow Garden in behalf of Probar


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Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this promotion. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of other consumers.
Thank you for participating everyone and Good Luck!

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