Moringa Source Combo Starter Kit Review & Giveaway (US)

I have known Moringa oliefera since I was a kid. My parents grow lots of this tree at their backyard in Philippines. We call it “Malunggay” in our native language. It is a very common plant in our place where we used it for cooking and herbal treatment needs. I remember my mother used fresh Moringa oliefera leaves, heat it up a little bit in the stove and when warm to touch, she treat our wounds with it. Those are my childhood days that I am very much active and prone to fall and accidents. We also use it to cook a delicious Chicken Stew. The flavor is great in food. I remember when I had a very bad headache or some colds, I request to my Mom to cook some stew or soup with Maluggay for me. After I eat it, my headache subsides and my whole body feels much better.


This is the Combo Startet kit ($40) that I received for review. Thanks Moringa Source!

Growing this plant takes so much care here in upper Pennsylvania. My friend even grow this plant indoor and she has to put direct indoor light to it during the Winter months. I am just glad that I found another source of getting nutrients of this plant at Moringa Source. This kit includes 24 Herbal Tea bags, contains no caffeine, and the suggested serving is 2-3 times of tea bags a day. The taste is a little bit tangy but I mixed in some honey to counteract the strong flavor. I love it! The capsules are also awesome. The suggested serving is 2 caps for adults and 1 cap for kids, per day. The caps contains more potassium so if you are prone to hyperkalemia, be careful on taking it. Ask your doctor if it’s safe. The Pure Moringa oil has a lovely, mild herb smell into it. It’s suggested use it to apply it for your skin to rejuvenate skin tissue and to brighten complexion. I love to use it when I like to massage my head, arms and legs. It is also great to use it for your hair.


Check out their Facebook Page here and like them to know more promotions and satisfied costumers who are using their products. This  would be a nice Holiday gift for him or her too!

I am so excited to host a giveaway for you guys!

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