These Are A Few of My Favourite Things

My personal favourites from the London lighting store, Geoffrey Harris, include the newest addition to the range, the beautiful Tatou pendant and matching table lamp. I love the fact that it was inspired by the way that the shell of an armadillo is made up of overlapping ‘armour’ and that even the name means armadillo in French. The overlapping sections of this cool, contemporary shade, allow light to diffuse throughout the room, smaller nearer the pendant, larger, shell like shapes further away. The matching table lamp does exactly the same, creating a chic and trendsetting room. They’re available in white or black opaque and a lovely translucent brown. I like the idea of white in the bedroom, and either the black or brown in the lounge, it’s too difficult to choose a favourite between these two. Yet another design from Flos, one of the very best European lighting designers, the Tatou is a winner.

The Northern Lighting range is truly fantastic. The stylish chrome Dokka will look fabulous in my kitchen, or over my desk, or in the hall for that matter. It’s so versatile that it could fit in with any type of decor or style. When it comes to pendant lights for the lounge or for the conservatory, or even for the bedroom, I have to say that the George Nelson cream globes are my absolute number one. They expand on a classic lighting design with pronounced jointing and superior materials and it really pays off. Choosing between the saucer, the cigar, or the ball is the difficult part. I think I deserve the large saucer though, it will never look dated and it’s especially effective when used with coloured light bulbs. Be creative and ring your own changes with these swish style setters.

Last but not least, my trusty Anglepoise in classic black is used in my office, moved to the kitchen for homework, taken into the lounge when someone wants to read, it’s worth its weight in gold, and at cost effective prices from Geoffrey Harris, I may have to invest in an updated version of this timeless treasure.


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