Excited YMCA Member

I am so happy that my husband signed us up at the YMCA in our area. It was around the last week of February that he signed us up as a family member and each of us got membership cards. I remember going to the Y  a few times during Halloween Trick or Treating and it’s full of fun for the kids. I took a closer look around lately and I saw custom engraved plaques at their wall of Fame. Many of their swimming athlete team and other sport teams won lots of awards. My brother in law, a long time devoted Y member, tour us around and I saw that they have an Olympic size swimming pool, two huge basketball gyms, indoor playground for little kids, classrooms, fitness gyms and so much more. I never thought our local YMCA has lots of sport and fitness stuff to offer. My kids and I went there quite a few times lately to be more social and fit. How about you, are you a YMCA member too?

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