Easy Amaryllis Winter Care Success

Winter is always a challenge to grow and take care of our plants indoors. I only have three plants that I took care indoors. My rule of thumb is to only choose plants that are easy to take care indoors such as the Amaryllis. I bought the bulb at Lowe’s and it’s size is as big as my fist. It came with a pot and potting mix inside the box. I followed the direction on how to plant the bulb. Soak the bulb into a lukewarm water before planting. Unlike planting Tulip and Daffodil bulbs, you don’t have to measure the depth three times the size of the bulb. Just make sure the tip of it’s neck is sticking 2 inches above the potting mix. That way, the bulb can catch sunlight for food. Little water is needed at the beginning. When the stem starts to appear, water more like 2 or 3 times a week as long as the potting mix don’t feel soggy. Position the pot where the bulb gets more direct sunlight and where indoor temperature is around 65-70 degrees.


My Amaryllis blooms were huge. They are as big as the palm of my husband’s hands and it has 4 flowers in one stem. My husband took care of it during the days that I was visiting my family in Philippines. He saw it bloom and he said the stem got bent because the weight of the flowers in it were too heavy. I am happy that he transferred the flowers in my favorite flower pitcher.


This is how the flowers were bending in its pot. We’re surprised that the stem grew very tall.


And here’s how it started to produce buds. Ain’t this plant magical? It brought cheer to our spirit this winter.

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