There are Many Different Baby Blankets: Which is Best?

There are so many different baby blankets – how do you know what your child needs? No need to fret – we’re here to give you a basic rundown of what your baby needs and what blankets are necessary! Lookout, baby! A comfy and plush future is in your midst!

If your baby is an infant, a definite must-have is a swaddling blanket. These are for wrapping your new baby to give a protective feel that calms and soothes them. The purpose is to remind them of the comfort of your womb. The Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle three pack is a great place to start. These beautifully patterned swaddle blankets are soft and good for multiple layers.

It’s also important to get a stroller blanket. Chances are you’re going to want to get out of the house after being cooped up for so long while on maternity leave. If that’s the case (and for most women, it is), you should try to do some walking to both get some exercise and give your baby some fresh air. That’s where the stroller blanket comes in. It’s warm and thick, and it’s meant to stay put while in a stroller. One stroller blanket we love is the Nook Organic Stroller Blanket in “poppie”. This orange baby blanket is breathable cotton that won’t overheat the baby – and it’s organic! Your baby will be so cozy all year round!

Another infant necessity is the receiving blanket. Its main purpose is to help you with: everything! These blankets are made to be versatile, and can be used as a burping blanket, a changing mat, a swaddling blanket, or an impromptu play mat. These are great blankets to have in order to fill any need quickly and efficiently. Try the Kushies Receiving Safari Blanket. This adorable animal print blanket is perfect no matter its purpose!

Now that you’ve got the basics on the wonderful realm of baby blankets, get creative! There are so many fun, adorable, and unique options! We also recommend personalizing blankets for your new loved one – either with a name or a cute quote. The possibilities are endless!

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