Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s day, Happy Mothers day to all Moms out there! Enjoy your time today surrounded with love and kisses from your family and friends. May your hearts grow in tenderness and joy with God’s blessing!

My kids and I took some photoshoot at the back of our house yesterday. I think the past owner of our house planted these beautiful lilacs as the other neighbor didn’t bother cutting this side of the bush. Thank God for that. They smell awefull gorgeous! Today, we’re going to take it easy. We’re going to attend the Latin mass at St. Anthony’s in Cambridge Springs, PA and head to a park in Titusville, PA. I’d like to spend this special day in a simple and fun day for everyone. My leaps when I see everyone smiling, laughing and having fun. My husband already gave me a pot full of sunflowers yesterday and kissed me with Happy Mothers day greeting. My eldest son greeted me a happy mothers day and gave me a wooden sweetheart frame that he and his Dad built at Lowe’s build and grow yesterday. My youngest son gave me a kiss and I hugged him like I’m smelling fragrant lilacs. Smiles.

I hope you too had a good Mothers day celebration today!

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