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This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you dream of having a garden in your backyard? Are you jealous because your neighbor has beautiful flowers and growing vegetables? The great news is, Miracle-gro is inviting all, whole new class of gardeners to become part of their The Gro Project where gardening is easy, fun, and enjoyable! Yes, anyone can be a gardener including kids! Just choose small or easy project to begin with, and don’t get frustrated when you do mistakes. We all make mistakes! You can choose another project that you like and have fun with gardening! When you do visit Miracle-gro’s Pinterest page, you will find a list of fun garden projects and this is nice because it will help you visualize a gardening project that you can create today. Follow Miracle-Gro Pinterest page now, it’s a nice forum for gardeners to come together and share your gardening stories!

What I also did is that I clicked the Toyrarium project  in their Facebook page, then I clicked the download button and printed the Shopping list and Instructions. I liked this Toyrarium idea because it will be fun activity for my kids and I to do together. Check out Miracle-Gro site today and choose what supply you will need in your gardening projects!

Here’s a short video of what the “The Gro Project” is all about.

And here’s some of my gardening projects at home. Aside from having a flower garden, I also have this  vegetable garden.

  • I visualized and draw a raised garden bed in a paper. I decided to have the measurements 9 x 3 feet for an actual raised garden bed.
  • My husband ordered the non-treated wood at the hardware. They were pre-cut two of each sizes of 9 feet and 3 feet wood.
  • He drilled nails on the edges to create a sturdy rectangular box.
  • We ordered bags of Miracle-gro potting mix to fill the raised bed. About 6 large bags.
  • Ordered some lettuce, broccoli and cabbage seedlings, and planted them in the raised bed.
  • I used LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit in feeding my vegetable plants. We were able to harvest vegetables like broccoli crowns, cabbage head and crisp lettuce. I was able to cook and serve steam broccoli  stuffed cabbage and fresh salads in our lunches and dinners.

You too can experience the fruits of garden labor! Have fun gardening!

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