Dining Table Decor

I am surprised one morning after I got home from my hospital duty that our dining table has some nice placemats in it. We don’t usually put placemats on our glass dining table before. I found out that my younger sister decorated the table after she told me that she bought new placemats for our dining room. I thought for a second that I don’t usually vote on putting placemats in the table because it adds up time to clean it after meals. I also don’t like it that people don’t bother putting back the placemats on a neat position on the table. But as time goes by, I am getting used to them. I began to appreciate the placemat design that my sister bought because they look like still life portraits. She told us that she’s inspired to decorate the dining table because they just had lessons on good manners when eating and setting up a table.  She told us to be mature before and after eating as sometimes we forget some of those important things. I’m proud of my sister, Good Work Ann! Smiles.

Thanks to my brother, Johnjohn, for this post.


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