Homegrown Black Raspberry

July seem to be a very busy month for me and my kids in helping my Mom in law picking berries in her backyard garden. They have lots of Berry varieties in their garden that has grown many years. She said some of it was given by my husband to her as Mother’s day gifts and birthday presents. She loves gifts that keeps on giving. She also said that it’s a challenge to grow plants of course and she’s happy that many of them liked her backyard. My husband’s favorite are these Black raspberries.


The Homegrown Black raspberry at my Mom in law’s backyard garden.

I observed how it thrives and seem to like in a part shade, part sun and well drained soil area. She has 1 tall bush that’s taller than me and the 2 others were small bushes that grew from the big bush. They gave us some of it’s shoots a few years ago and it just didn’t like our backyard as we have clay and mushy soil back there. The Black raspberry is still red in this photo, meaning they are not ripe yet. They turn black and easy to pull out their stem once very ripe. They left dark purple dye and scars in my hands as they are also very thorny plants. Oh well, it was worth it! Mom said they are great in making black raspberry buckle. I told her that I just love eating them fresh and as toppings in the french vanilla ice cream. My husband likes to eat them fresh too. How about you, have you tried planting black raspberry too?

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