Truvia® Is Sharing A Sweet Future

This post brought to you by Truvia® Natural Sweetener . All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you a diabetic or know someone who likes to get ingredients that has zero-calorie in them? Do you like to prepare gluten free food? If so, you might want to try Truvia® as your natural sweetener!

It is non-GMO and it’s nice to know that it doesn’t have aspartame in it. We all know most diet products contain aspartame and it’s nice to know a new product that is also diet but doesn’t have aspartame in it. Most people likes to mix Truvia® in their home baking and cooking. It can have a different taste when mixed in drinks though but it is best used in solid food.

Truvia® is also working on long term charity funding to help poor kids and families in Bolivia. Did you know that:

  • Every day, over 40% of Bolivian families struggle to support their children’s most basic food needs.
  • Two-thirds of the Bolivian population is below the poverty line.
  • The majority of the country’s children does not receive the minimum daily caloric intake and are suffering from nutritional deficiencies.
  • The widespread use of primitive cook stoves resulting in harmful smoke exposure has led to a number of other health issues for families in the community.
  • Knowing of the hardships faced by these families, the Truvia® brand has committed to working with the World Food Program USA to help provide Bolivian kids and families with a sweeter future.

You too can help uplift other people’s lives by joining Truvia in their charitable initiative when you Share the Truvia® brand’s video on Facebook to support their Sharing a Sweet Future initiative. $1 feeds 4 kids. I didn’t hesitate to Follow Truvia on Twitter and Share the Truvia® brand’s video to support their Sharing a Sweet Future initiative. $1 feeds 4 kids. When you do help in spreading the word, please include hashtag: #SweetFuture. Check them out today and Learn even more about the Truvia® brand’s initiative here!

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