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Road Tax Fines.

In today’s world everyone appreciates, speed. Anyone having a car will experience the benefit of speed and at the same time it will facilitate his living, making his day easier. It helps you maneuver easily. It is an asset that completely changes your life. It provide a lot of contentment but has its overheads too. The overheads are not just the maintenance but of the taxes that you need to pay. Every country has its own car tax rate policy that has to be followed by the car owners of that country.

Car tax is a legal requirement in any country. It is a legal requirement just like drivers having driving licenses and registering their motor vehicles. Any motorist caught without car tax can get himself charged with a heavy fine. It becomes more costly for drivers who fail to pay their vehicle tax on time.

The reason of motorists failing to tax their vehicles is due to ignoring to put a disc on the windscreen. For conveniences most countries now use Co2 based car tax. The modified road tax charges the owner in relation to the amount of gas emitted by his car. The new car tax policy is put in place to reduce air pollution and facilitate the promotion of environment-friendly cars. The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency is responsible for the collection of vehicles excise duty.

The Agency is in charge of keeping all records of the drivers and vehicles in the country. The Agency is under the department of transportation. Many countries have adopted the use of electronic vehicle licensing to enable users to pay their car taxes online. As per the transport policy, you need to pay car tax whether you are driving it or just parking on the public roads. Vehicles kept off the road it should have a permission from the transport department otherwise, they should be taxed. The the various car tax band are developed as per the volume of Co2 produced by cars.

After paying your car tax to the DVLA you should display a valid tax disc to the windscreen as confirmation. The renewal of road tax is done periodically using the reference number. The DVLA regularly checks the car database to identify the untaxed ones. Amount of fines to be paid differ with the duration you have not paid your taxes. The amount of fine can be reduced if the fine is paid at an early stage. Delayed payments will contribute to your car being grounded. Failure to pay de-clamping fee may cause you your to be impounded by the DVLA. It is important to pay your tax on time to in order to troubleshoot tax related problems.

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