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Simple guidelines when buying beddings

I remember I bought two new queen sized bedding set at a cheap price and not looking at the quality of fabric for our bed. It was my first time to shop bedding at that time and I was just using my eyes when buying. Only then I realized that I made a big mistake buying it because after trying it out in our bed, they were too short for the mattress even though they are labeled queen size, and the fabric was rough and uncomfortable to sleep with. We just humble ourselves not to go back long way to… Continue reading

Home furniture #1: Our Queen Sized Bed

This was our old bedspread look like before I bought the new bedspreads (which I just posted before this post). Yeah, it’s just simple with those different colored pillow cases and faded bed sheet.
This is our queen sized bed. I forgot where my husband bought it but he bought this right before I got here in America. It is made of Oak. And it has double mattress in it. The one in the bottom is the hard mattress type where it has springs and the one the top is the soft type which has padding.
It said it’s brand… Continue reading
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